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What Effects do Parental Expectations Have on Children ?

Parental expectations nurture a child's self-esteem and promote healthy development. However, if expectations are unrealistic or senselessly low, children's personalities and self-worth are negatively affected. Parents should understand...Read more


Dealing with Anxious ChildrenDealing with Anxious Children

It is natural for you as a parent to go into protection mode and keep your child away from any difficulties. When your child is anxious, you can do little to protect your child from experiencing anxiety. Anxiety cannot be prevented...Read more


Helping Children Learn Through Real Life Experiences

Helping Children Learn Through Real Life Experiences

Using real-world examples in the form of teaching strategies make learning more meaningful and engaging. It can help spark excitement in children. Such teaching methods also make children aware of the choice they make in society.Read more


Encourage children to take risks

Encourage children to take risks

Children learn best through curiosity induced experiences. The more questions your child asks, the more she/he will learn. When your child questions, they have the courage to explore and are curious...Read more


Encourage children to take risksPrinciples of Healthy Parenting

Nurturing a happy and healthy child is one of the most challenging task a parent can have. It is also the most rewarding yet strenuous one. Most parents do not approach parenting with the same focus they would apply for their job...Read more


Core values to Teach Children

In our day to day life, there are many skills that our children are expected to learn and master, in order to excel in today's fast-changing world. To ensure they get best things...Read more


Discussing with Your Child Today

It requires a lot of technique and skills as well as patience to raise a child in today's fast-changing world. Keeping children away from using those digital devices and teaching them how to manage their time properly, is not an easy chore...Read more


How not to stress on 'Stress'

Each child is unique, and nobody knows him/her better than you do. It is extraordinary to help your child with his/her preparation; however, you should realize where to draw a line...Read more


Create memories

Create Memories, Not Expectations

As humans, it is difficult to not have any expectations from your peers, more so with friends and family. Unconsciously, as parents, you tend to build up expectations and build dreams about your child's future and the individual that they should grow up into...Read more




Create memories

5 Parenting takeaways from Will Smith

Parenting is no easy task and requires a lot of introspection and self-learning. While there are different styles of parenting and each couple has their unique parenting style, there are a few couples who are role models...Read more


Eat right, study Bright

Eat Right, Study Bright

Exam time is very stressful for children. Amidst all the hassle and tension of performing well and acing tests, children often forget to prioritize their health...Read more