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Begin your career analysis with dSAT

dSAT   |  18-Aug-2017

By Varun Ramesh

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Are you a class 10 student? Do you want to discover your aptitude and abilities? Do you want a career that suits your passion? Register for Deeksha Scholastic Aptitude Test (dSAT) now. Let dSAT help you. Take up the test, choose the right stream after 10th and plan your career the best way.

With thousands of options available, it is hard to determine the right one for you. There is every chance that you might miss out on the best option available to you. Choosing a career has become confusing. It is at this very troublesome moment in your life, dSAT comes to your rescue. It will enable students to realise their extraordinary grasping and retention abilities. The scholastic test helps in measuring the student’s aptitude, logical reasoning, skills and openness. During the final counselling session, based on the career choice, the suitable colleges for study and the corresponding course at the Pre-University level is identified.

A to z of dSAT

Hurry up, you don’t have much time. Be the first to register, reap rewards early on and make a well-informed decision about your place of study. We assure you that the assessment is highly trustworthy.

We are happy to help you with all your queries. Feel free to ask us anything about dSAT.

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