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Check your capability in competitive exams by writing dSAT

dSAT   |  03-Sep-2016

By Sunila Menon

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“Aptitude” is something very important especially for class X students who aspire to crack competitive exams like JEE (Advanced), JEE (Main), AIPMT/ NEET or CET. Aptitude is not skills or knowledge that one has learned through the years, but it is a “natural talent”.  However, it can be developed and explored within by an individual.  

Students with enhanced skills are successful compared to others because they are fast in thinking and possess best problem solving talents. In today’s competitive world, it is very important to have soft skills.

Why aptitude is checked?

This is a question that students never think about and just start their competitive exam preparation blindly. There are many who ask “among all the skills why aptitude skills are tested first and given priority in competitive exams. Lakhs of students apply for few hundred seats. So, institutions don’t have any other option other than using several methods to choose the best one. Aptitude tests are cost effective and one of the best ways to choose the best student.


dsat for students


Ways to improve aptitude for competitive exams:

1) Right Planning:

Proper planning and working is very vital as it gives a goal to move on. Students can work out sample papers which consist of questions from various topics. This will help them identify the areas which need more practice.

2) Aptitude Tests:

If you are among those who want to check your aptitude in various competitive exams, register for dSAT now!  dSAT (Deeksha Scholastic Aptitude Test) helps students of class X gauge their capability in competitive exams.  There are many who are confused whether they should opt JEE (Advanced), JEE (Main), AIPMT/NEET or CET. This aptitude test acts as a boon for those confused students. Writing the test helps them understand which competitive exam suits them best.

Hurry!  Don’t think twice. Registrations have already started. 

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