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Best Ways to Increase General Knowledge of Children

Deeksha   |  09-Jan-2019

By Deeksha

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One of the most common dilemmas that many parents have these days is: "My child is already preparing for both board and competitive exams. Should I burden him/her by teaching general knowledge as well?”. However, general knowledge is not a normal subject with a defined curriculum, and this is the time when it becomes precarious for many. Improving general knowledge is a slow and timely process. The amount of knowledge one obtains has a strong connection to other learning attributes like problem-solving, intelligence and open-mindedness. This is the reason general knowledge is used to measure competency during entrance tests. So, how can parents help children improve general knowledge early? Here are a few simple and effective habits to improve a child's general knowledge:




  1. Motivate to Read Beyond the Curriculum

Reading is a remarkable hobby that improves language and comprehension along with general knowledge. However, most parents feel that their child should read only encyclopaedias to improve G.K. This remains untrue as reading a variety of fictional books also aid in introducing words, ideas and new concepts. But what if your children do not like reading books? You can still make your child join a book club where he/she gets to read and discuss various books with others. He/she may not necessarily read all the books, but knowing about different story themes, characters and narration will surely invoke interest in learning and its processes.

  1. Involve in Interactive Educational Games

Mixing education with entertainment is always better as children may not like studying all day.But a little bit of study packed with play time makes it interesting. Interactive games can make learning general knowledge a lot of fun. Moreover, helping them play group games and board games on themes around English, Math and Geography makes learning interesting for kids. Educational games are also a great tool for building foundation math and language skills that today's curriculum requires. To both entertain and teach children; interactive educational games will be very helpful.

  1. Read Newspaper Every Day

Inculcate a habit of subscribing to newspapers and activity books will provide small reading bytes. Moreover, a daily habit of solving crossword puzzles or similar activities based on general knowledge can help you introduce information to children in an engaging manner. Get them to read newspapers as it not only increases the child's knowledge about the world but also shapes the writing and reading skills. Reading newspapers in the library help to catch up with happenings around the world and soon becomes a regular habit that will grow up with him/her.

  1. Debate Regularly

Many children with excellent general knowledge skills have parents who themselves take interest in happenings around and involve themselves in detailed discussions over a variety of topics. A family that exchanges ideas freely is a great breeding ground for children. Also, a regular habit of debating and defending one's point of view is a life skill that comes very handy in real life circumstances. They should be taught to debate a topic effectively. It helps them improve on research, preparation and public speaking skills.

Importantly, parents and children should set the right attitude towards learning to enhance knowledge in all the walks of life. If you set that early in life, your child is bound to grow leaps and bounds. 

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