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Awareness on Blue Whale Challenge

Parents' Corner   |  29-Aug-2017

By IC Desk @ Deeksha

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The Blue Whale Challenge is an online game that asks its participants to follow a social media account where they are asked to take up disturbing challenges. The game is believed to be the reason behind several suicides across the world. Unfortunately, it has made its influence in our country too. What is more disturbing is that a large majority of the users are teenagers.

We request all parents to take a closer look at your children’s online engagements and monitor their internet activity.

Awareness on Blue Whale Challenge

Please talk to them if they:

  1. Are spending too much time alone
  2. Are staying up very late
  3. Are looking gloomy, dull or sad
  4. Are staying locked in their room
  5. Have bruises, unexplained cuts on their body

Importantly, please ask them to not share any kind of messages participating in or promoting the challenge.

For more details, please visit UNICEF’s awareness page -  https://goo.gl/tRmfVd

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