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Significance of having two plans in deciding the right career

dSAT   |  03-Nov-2016

By Sunila Menon

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If you ask a class 10 student about his or her biggest anxiety the reply will be choosing the right career and getting into the best college! With a large number of courses and growing number of institutes, it becomes significant to pick a good institute. 

While there is an upsurge in the number of courses and seat one also notices a marked growth in the number of students. Along with the courses comes the vital aspect of competitive exams like IIT-JEE, JEE Main, CET, NEET and much more. Pick any of the premier courses such as Engineering, Medical, Hospital Management or Hotel Management and you will have a competitive exam attached to it.

Competitive exams have become a part and parcel of a student’s life. Due to the tough competition nowadays, a lot of students start planning in 10th class itself to write various exams.

  • Why focusing on competitive exams are important?

It’s seen that today’s students give high priority to competitive exams. The reason is though there are more courses than before, but there are fewer seats and more students writing these exams. There are many who appear for medicine or engineering entrance exams but are not sure whether they can crack it or not so write other entrance exams to increase their chances of joining other courses. So, what should one do when they can’t get into a college due to shortage of marks??

They should plan their academic year properly and most importantly have plan A and plan B ready!

  • So, what is plan B?

Plan B is the back-up career choice that should be considered just in case you are not able to make up for your preferred career option. Consider about 13 lakh students appeared for the IIT-JEE exam, but there are few seats in the IIT’s. So, in such a case considering other engineering exams proves beneficial.



  • How to finalize plan B?

1. Get your skills assessed and summarized

Taking up an aptitude test like dSAT (Deeksha Scholastic Aptitude Test) will help in discovering the strengths and weaknesses of a student. By writing this aptitude test, class X students will find a plethora of career choices based on their aptitude. A student who is interested in medicine can choose pharmacy or paramedical options. For a student who wishes to pursue a career in computers but is not able to get into top college for BE program, can consider B.Sc.-IT course as a career. But before all these, it is very important to check your capability in different fields. If you want to check the right career field for you, register for dSAT online now!

2.Consider a range of competitive exams

As the competition is fierce, consider attempting various competitive exams that will help you grab a seat in the best colleges.

3.Research about institutes

Do researches about all the institutes that offer the course you want to pursue. Find out information like admission formalities, does the institute have their own entrance test, what is their accreditation status.

4.Collect information from all reliable information sources

Find information about colleges and courses from the internet, newspapers and news channels.


Remember plan B should be full proof and very well calculated like plan A. Never consider Plan B as secondary as may be it would be plan B that you would follow finally.


If I have two plans, will my focus on my ultimate goal be accurate?
Team Deeksha08-Nov-2016
Yes it will be. The main motive of keeping two plans ready is if by any means, your first plan does not work out well, there is no need of getting disappointed as you have already set a secind plan for your career. Keeping two plan ultimately helps in choosing the right career without wasting much time.

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