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After 10th

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Choosing a stream after 10th

After 10th   |  12-Apr-2016

By Aurelius

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The time after 10th is where you may make your first big decision. With it comes the endless advice from your family, friends & even people who are least qualified to give you any guidance regarding this topic.

While all of this may seem to add some kind of information that you were not aware of earlier, it may leave you worrying and unable to take a call about your own future. If you are looking for the ‘best’ career path you may also be left with a conundrum of equally good choices.


Choosing a stream after 10th


Good and informed choices never come out of worrying; rather they are built on facts that can hold their own. The fact is that you will do well at something that you are interested in and people are interested in things that they are good at. Figuring out your skill set in various aspects can help you understand what it is that you are good at.

Deeksha has crafted dSAT which is an aptitude test that helps you do just that. The first step in enabling academic aspirations is to help students leverage their strengths.

Kill your worries & secure your future; Write dSAT now!

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