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Connect Through dCARE

Stay Connected   |  26-Mar-2019

By Deeksha

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Deeksha Mission:

an effective
and caring academic environment
that nurtures original thinking and
creates young,
confident individuals
with a sense of responsibility towards society
connect through dcare

Success must hold a very broad definition – one that includes learning from failure. Not everything in life is about academics and marks. Children must feel confident to take on the world. It is equally important that a sense of responsibility towards society is kindled in them. Eventually, they must be passionate to make a difference in the world.

Deeksha believes in Nurturing Success of Every Child. And this is made possible because of the fundamental philosophy of Deeksha and through its various dCARE (Deeksha for Children's All Round Excellence) Initiatives.

dCARE Parents (dPs) play a crucial role in this process. Every fortnight, through a systematic approach, dPs track the academic goals, aspirations and progress of every child. At the same time, they ensure wellness of children. Indeed, it is only when we are happy that we perform at our best. It is no different for children. dPs mentor and nurture the success of every child.

Should children need further emotional support they are free to approach the dCARE Team either in person or in anonymity. Deeksha's 'Open Door' Program facilitates this process. It also has a 24/7 number and a dedicated email channel. Let's see how this has helped a child…


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