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Connect With Gratitude

Stay Connected   |  26-Mar-2019

By Deeksha

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Gratitude is an antidote to misery, to sadness, to suffering.
When we are deeply immersed in the feeling of gratitude, would an unhappy or stressful feeling have any place? Impossible. Because, once gratitude is filled in our hearts, there is no space for negativity or sadness. Only positivity shines, and we see more positivity around us. 

We are then able to take positive decisions, thus leading a positive life. Such is the power of gratitude. The secret of gratitude is shifting our focus from what we do not have, to what we do have. This shift in energy makes us feel more fulfilled, more relaxed, more peaceful, more joyful. And enriches, our day, our time with people, in the very current circumstances we are placed in.

Robert Emmons, author of ‘Thanks! How the New Science of Gratitude Can Make You Happier’, says, ‘Those who are grateful, experience higher levels of joy, enthusiasm, love, happiness, physical wellness and optimism.’ One simple way of experiencing things in life, is visualisation. The mind has the power to bring a feeling into reality. Deeksha children experience this every week through a guided meditation, called ‘Stay Focused’. Here is a ‘Stay Focused’ on Gratitude for you...


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