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Connect With Life

Stay Connected   |  26-Mar-2019

By Deeksha

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When you love what you have, you have everything you need!

As parents, we take care of multiple chores every day. We get caught up in working, shopping, cooking, running the home and raising our children. We hardly get time to prepare ourselves and our children for the most desirable purpose of life – peace and happiness. 

Connect with Life

Handling anxiety, stress and failures; managing time, expectations and habits – there are ever so many things that come in the way of happiness. The good news is that Deeksha interacts with children on these very topics through the dLife Program. 

One of these topics which children benefit from, aptly titled, ‘Staying Happy’, is being shared with you. Consider this: We are travelling by train which is scheduled to reach our destination at 9 am. Now, we get to know that the train is running late by 1 hour. Surely it might anger and frustrate us. It can take away our happiness. We might pace up and down in the train – but whatever we do, can we reach the destination before 10 am?

So, what can we do? This and many such amazing dimensions are presented in this content. The focus is on what brings happiness and what takes away happiness. The overall content is simple and one can actually relate with life. More importantly, it provides clues on what one can do or what one can keep away from to foster happiness. Now you can reflect on this as well – it is just a click away…


Staying happy part 1 - intro


Staying happy part 2 - situation 1


Staying happy part 3 - solution for situation 1


Staying happy part 4 - situation 2


Staying happy part 5 - solution for situation 2


Staying happy part 6 - conclusion

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