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Connect With Reality

Stay Connected   |  26-Mar-2019

By Deeksha

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Is it possible to see Reality casting aside our beliefs?

Each of us is brought up in a unique way. We all go through various experiences along the course of life. What we read, what others do and the way the society is – they all cast an influence on us. Over time, these tend to create a certain belief system in us. Some of these may give us happiness but some could make life more difficult. 


Is there another way of looking at things? Can this help us deal with the stresses and challenges of life? Welcome to the concept of Equal Reality. Our children get various perspectives on this through the dLife Program and should the need arise, through one-on-one sessions with our dCARE Team, where they can share their emotions and challenges and find their own way to navigate through life.

The Equal Reality videos are reflective in nature. They take one through an internal journey by relooking at life through various perspectives and expose one to other possibilities. This has the potential to open a one’s mind to see Reality ‘as it is’, as opposed to what one might have believed it to be. Here is the way…


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