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Connect with the World

Stay Connected   |  26-Mar-2019

By Deeksha

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Prepare children for life!

We can fall ill and go to a doctor for medicine, or we can be proactive and choose a healthier lifestyle. One can follow a proactive path for mental wellness too – by becoming aware of what can potentially unfold along the course of life and being prepared well in advance to handle various situations/ scenarios. 

A unique offering of Deeksha is the dLife (Deeksha for Life) Program – a part of the dCARE Initiatives. Deeksha’s dLife Facilitators interact with children on various life skill topics and provide academics/ career guidance inputs every week to build their confidence and prepare them for life. These are carefully chosen topics based on the needs of children in this age group. The topics and content have been put together over years of hard work in association with a leading NGO in the field of value education and wellness. ‘Staying Happy’ is one of the topics, the content of which has been shared earlier in this book.

The 2-minute Deeksha Something to Think About (dSTA) Videos that are played every day for children educate the heart and create a sense of responsibility in them. Connecting with the world at large and having a perspective of the bigger picture of life greatly helps in staying motivated, and being passionate to make a difference. Here are some dSTA Videos for you…











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