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What are the options available after Class 12th/ PUC ?

PUC   |  27-Mar-2018

By Varun Ramesh

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Most students align their senior secondary education with their career of choice. A science student tends to choose either medical or engineering as their preference for college education. However, whatever stream one takes up after class 10th, there will be a wide range of courses available to pursue in college. A lack of knowledge about this wide range of options limits their potential. A student’s choices are not limited to medical, engineering or CA.

With a variety of new courses coming up, the list of options can go on and on. What matters most when you pick a career is that it has to be your passion. The course you have taken must match with your interests and aptitude. Here we have listed down certain options available for students to pursue after finishing class 12th


Various course options to study after Class 12/ PUC


The decision you take now will have a huge impact on your future. Make sure that you think through properly before choosing a path.

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