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How your learning style can help you succeed

dPAL   |  05-Oct-2016

By Sunila Menon

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“I read and recall. I hear and forget. I notice, visualise, understand and remember forever”

Today, children are inquisitive, smart and eager to know thousands of things going on in and around the world. Children of today’s age are lucky when compared to those years ago to have the access and exposure to various inventions and discoveries like advancement in technology, best faculties, knowledge resources and so on. Though they have everything needed to help them with their education, there is a common thing, the fact that every child is unique and has their own learning style.

choose-the-right-style-of- learning


Generally, there are three different types of learners. They are:

  1. Verbal learners: Students who prefer learning using the power of words in different forms like the script, written and speech come under this category. Typically it is associated with memorization and retaining of words. Students learn new things and express their views through words. One major drawback of verbal learning is it consumes time and there are chances one will forget what they have learnt.
  2. Auditory learners: You must be having friends who come to you at the last minute before the exams and ask for teaching them those concepts that will definitely come in the exam. Well, these friends not only learn at the last moment but also manage to score well. These are auditory learners.  Students under this category learn by listening. They catch up things very fast during discussions, dramatic reading etc.
  3. Visual learners: Have you ever heard of individuals learning through pictures? Yes, there are people who learn through images. Students who prefer learning through diagrams, videos, flowcharts are known as visual learners. In today’s age with the advancement in technology visual learning is one of the popular ways of learning. One of the major sources for these learners is the educational apps like dPAL. It helps students prepare for board and competitive exams like JEE Main, K- CET and NEET with ease. With features like overview video, NEET style tests, solved examples, shortcuts, previous year JEE Main questions and much more make the exam preparation easier and simpler.

So, if you prefer visual learning style and want to study online, download the dPAL app now from Google Playstore!

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