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The Essence of Creating a Support System for Your Child

Stay Connected   |  12-Jan-2018

By IC Desk @ Deeksha

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Parents yearn to create an ideal support system for their children but due to several hindrances caused by several factors like work, they often find themselves in a position to not do so. But as exams are nearing and with all the information that is available to your child to study and remember, they might be undergoing a tremendous amount of pressure to excel and pass with flying colours. This is the time where anxiety in children grows by each passing minute and this is exactly when a support system is essential in helping them stay on course and find some sense of comfort and motivation in preparing themselves to face their exams. Here are some tips to establish a support system for your child while he/she is busy preparing to tackle the exam paper.

Be the support system your child needs


  1. Be a Personal Reminder

The basic necessities of life may be pushed aside with so much else occupying your child’s mind, so remind them of these small but important healthy tips. Getting a full 8 hours of sleep every night, eating a balanced diet, and stepping away from books for some gym time will help refocus and rejuvenate and help your child focus on the task at hand.


  1. Urge Early Studying

Children have a habit of cramming information at the very end, especially with so much to finish in little remaining time. Sit down with them and chart out a daily schedule, which includes time for relaxation and try to ensure that they stick to it.


  1. Support is Constant

Every parent aims at creating a source of support for his/her child. But sometimes, the kind of support that your child needs will be different from what you are giving them. During exams, send encouraging text messages when you know your student is overly stressed. Be their own personal cheerleader and remind them that you are proud of them and that they can do hard things. Tell them you understand that they are stressed and it’s ok to take a breath and relax. Knowing they have a strong support system can do wonders to your child’s morale.


  1. Creating a Positive Environment

The stress in the air only increases further as exams approach closer. It is essential as a parent to try to keep the environment around your child calm so that they can focus solely on their exams. Stress during exam time is inevitable but try to help your child deal with it by practicing relaxation techniques and indulging them in activities they enjoy in their leisure time.


  1. Give Them Some Perspective

Put things in perspective: let your child know that exams are important but your child's whole life does not depend on them, although it may feel like that at the time. Try to listen, absorb, and contain the distress of your child through affirmation and reassurance. Make sure they know their worth to you is separate from their achievements.

In the end, the main thing to keep in mind is that your child is an independent young adult. It's pointless to try to be a "snow plough" parent and clear all obstacles out of the way of your child's development. Engaging with challenging experiences such as finals and important exams is essential for children to develop internal skills and resources, and will provide them with the confidence and emotional resilience needed to cope with the future challenges of work and adult life. Seeing exam stress as a necessary part of the learning process should help your own peace of mind too.

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