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After 10th

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How to utilize your summer vacation to the fullest

After 10th   |  02-May-2017

By Sunila Menon

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As the Board exams are over, students now have roughly two months with them before they go to the next academic session. At this moment, lot of students feel clueless regarding what to do during this leisure time. While many students may opt for engineering or medical coaching, many are left with limited choices.

Well, the good news is there is no scarcity of options. In India, students have plethora of options to explore and invest their time in. Here, you will come across few things you can do after the exams to make the vacation productive and fun-filled.

1. Going on a tour:

No matter be it with your family members or friends, going on a tour to an unexplored location is something you will always enjoy. You may either go to a famous city you have never explored, travel to the hilly areas and spend your days with nature. If you are an adventurous person, going for a jungle safari can be interesting.




2. Joining a hobby class:

If you are interested towards a particular activity like playing a musical instrument, singing, dancing, driving etc. this is the right time to pursue it. Some colleges do arrange sessions for extra-curricular activities, joining a hobby class can also be an option.

join-a hobby-class


3. Reading and writing:

If you are a fan of reading, this is a great time to keep all your textbooks aside and read some interesting novels. On the other hand, if you are into writing, you can also pen down your thoughts and try out some freelance writing work. This will help you earn some money and can be added to your CV too.



4. Visit museums or exhibitions:

A trip to museum will make you more knowledgeable and you will possibly leave feeling inspired too. And the best thing is this option is free or will cost you very less money. 

plan- a-trip-to-musuem-or-exhibition


5. Analysing your career:

This is the time when you should not only enjoy, but also think about the right career for yourself. Attend counselling, write aptitude tests which will help you understand which stream/ entrance exam to focus on after the completion of Class 10.



6. Go camping:

Plan to go for a camp for a few days. After all, it is a great place to make new friends. In addition to that, there are large numbers of various camps among which you can make your selection.



7. Learn cooking:

Cooking different cuisines from different parts of the world is a fin activity. You can join cooking classes or even ask your family member to help you. There are lot of cooking lessons in the internet too.



8. Grow a garden: You can grow small plants or veggies in your terrace or garden. This way you can spend your free time and at the same time spread some greenery.



9. A good and relaxing sleep:

Exams generally cause late night study schedules which in turn results in stress and tiredness. Therefore, the best thing to do during the holiday after exams is to have a sound sleep. It is the best medicine to reduce all your strain and stress caused by exams.



10. Join a yoga class:

Doing yoga is one of the best ways to keep calm and be patient.  It is not mandatory to join a class as you can learn that online or find a book on that.  



Feel free to try these activities and do whatever fits your interests and have a blast! Share your experience with us in the comment section.

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