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Important Instructions for PU 2 Exams

Students' Corner   |  08-Mar-2017

By IC Desk @ Deeksha

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Dear Deekshaite,

Please read the following instructions carefully to enable you go through the exams comfortably: 




1. Time: Be seated in the exam hall at least half an hour before the scheduled start time

2. Attire: Regular dress – but no sleeveless. Pullover is alright but no shrugs or jackets are allowed.

3. Go to restroom before entering the hall.

4. Bags will have to be kept outside the class rooms.

5. Do not carry pouches, valuables, mobiles, cash, gold etc.

6. For 2nd PUC, seating arrangement changes every day - check the Notice Board.

7. Hall Ticket & ID Card are compulsory.

8. Adhere to the instructions given by the invigilator.

9. Check your vicinity for any bits of paper and bring it to the notice of the invigilator.

10. Use Ball Point pens only (black / blue) for answering.

11. Change of pen to be brought to the notice of the invigilator and to get their signature on the answer script.

12. Fill in all the details in the answer booklet legibly.

13. Only Hall Ticket Number to be written on the question paper.                                            


1. Write the question nos. correctly.

2. Follow the order. Do not jumble with questions sections (between sections A, B, C etc.)

3. Do not write incomplete answer & then the remaining part in the last page.

4. Attempt extra questions at the end.

5. Leave one or two lines after every answer.

6. Make it a habit to draw lines after every answer.

7. Highlight the key points in your answer with pen.


1. Diagrams in pencil.

2. Labelling in capital letters.

3. For derivations – draw the diagram and then explain.

4. Write equations & formulas in pen only.

5. Answer for problems to be enclosed in a box.

6. For statement problems – write the statement, proof and conclusion legibly.


1. Draw diagrams wherever necessary.

2. Labelling in capitals with pencil (only on the right hand side)

3. Be specific with spellings for one word answers.

4. Five marks questions will always be based on diagrams.


1. For long answers - write introduction, description and conclusion.

2. Grammar – copy the question and write the answer.

3. Fill up the blanks – copy the entire statement, fill in the answer and underline.

4. Match the following – copy A side and write the relevant answer on the B side.

5. Avoid over writing and maintain neatness.


1. Objectives type Answer: Answer in one or two sentences.

2. Essay type Answers – brief introduction and conclusion.

3. Ten marks (Business Studies), 14 marks (Accountancy) must begin on a fresh page.

4. Accountancy & Statistics: Appropriate columns & headings for various ledger accounts & statements must be drafted.

5. Accountancy: No scientific calculators allowed. Only for statistics exam- scientific calculators are allowed.

All the very best!

Team Deeksha

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