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The Lunch Break Conundrum

Students' Corner   |  06-Jan-2016

By IC Desk @ Deeksha

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Dear Deekshaite,

Greetings from Deeksha! Hope all is good and the exam preparations have kick-started. It is said that ‘A task well begun is a task half done’. We might have noticed this ourselves over time. In accord with this and to keep you motivated to work well through this important yet fun phase of exams we would be staying in touch with you and send you some tips and motivational messages that could fine tune your preparations and help meet your academic aspirations. So let’s get cracking! Here your first message :)

The Lunch Break Conundrum

Waiting for the right time to do something is an inherent trait that we all possess. Perhaps it helps us out in a few situations. Consider starting a business, or waiting to buy something when there’s a sale or for that matter breaking a bad news to someone.

Now coming to things that we are not very comfortable doing, say studying a difficult subject for the exams or just studying regularly for that matter. Telling ourselves that we would start the next week or during the study holidays is surely very comforting to us and an easy way out. But has this actually ever worked out?

We are always looking for a better time with things that intimidate us. It’s a temporary escape which may not be the best decision we could’ve made. And it’s a common occurrence to find ourselves having something unavoidable coming our way on the scheduled day which pushes things even further.

As a matter of fact the things that intimidate us or the things we tend to push are most likely the ones that need the most attention. We become uncomfortable to take them up because we overthink and procrastinate. So what’s the solution? If there’s something that can be done at that instant then that instant is the perfect time. I have to study now and I do not have anything unavoidable then now is the perfect time! Telling ourselves otherwise would be an attempt to escape and an easy way to get ourselves into trouble.

To break this cycle we should start doing things that we tend to push although it makes us uncomfortable initially. Keeping at it for some time will make things better for sure. This doesn’t mean we can expect stellar results immediately but getting through the urge of procrastinating and still sticking to it will slowly drive away our aversion to things that have to be done. Surely the thought of having completed such a task is pleasing and that’s what we are trying to accomplish with this approach. It’s always nice to have spare time left after we’ve done things well as opposed to cramming things in the end and wishing that we could’ve started earlier.

Thinking about how much there is to do and how much we could’ve done in the time that has gone-by is a futile exercise and will hinder our progress. We can actually use the thought to our advantage as this gets us to take things seriously and be focused. Jumping immediately into getting things done after we’ve had this realisation is the easiest way out of this situation.

Imagine during a 30 minute lunch break we go out to get our record book corrected or to talk to our friends and 20 minutes go by. When we get back to have lunch we get right into it and complete it in the next 10 minutes as opposed to worrying about the time lost or how much lunch we have to finish or that we’ll never be able to finish. Even if we had lesser time we would try to gulp down whatever we could. Why have a different approach towards anything else?

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