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Tips to help you start off PUC/HSC on the right foot

PUC   |  13-Jun-2016

By Aurelius

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It is said “Well begun is half done”. We may all know this by experience, something that we neglect in the beginning almost always brings us to a tough spot later on. Not anymore! Take a look at these tips and use them as guidelines to trigger your own thought process regarding this.

  • Fresh & positive mind: Beginning with a fresh & positive mind may sound like a cliché but it does have the potential to get everything in place. A fresh start gives you the chance to let go of all the baggage and start off towards achieving what you intend to.
  • Establish goals: This part is essential as it gives you a look at what it is that you want to accomplish in the end. It is only meant to give you direction and not burden you. For example if you want to take up more extracurricular activities then having that as a part of your list will help you make the best of the opportunities that come along.


Tips for PUC and HSC


  • Putting in your best: Do your best right from the start. Period! Nothing will give you the contentment of finishing work on time and reaping the benefits of your work in your exams. It is fun to do a thing or two at the last instant but not the important stuff. If you have a track record of bungling things up because of procrastination this is the most important tip. You can start off with your board and competitive exam prep starting today using our free app dPAL.
  • Pick up a serious hobby: It would be impractical and tedious to just focus on academics. Picking up a hobby and keeping at it will tie things up for you. Learning a musical instrument or a new language has its amazing benefits while being very enjoyable to pursue.

When all is said and done, it is more about the journey and the lesser you consider things as a burden the better it’s going to be. So get cracking and give it your best shot!

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