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Healthy Habits for Teens to Follow

Deeksha   |  22-Dec-2018

By Deeksha

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Are you suffering from sleeping or eating disorders? Are you worried about your health because of bad habits? If yes, you need to inculcate healthy habits to enjoy a happy life. Nowadays, adolescents are increasingly inclined to follow bad eating habits, adopt bad habits and inappropriate sleep routines. These habits affect teens' health very badly. Such propensities influence adolescents' well-being. So, here is the list of some tips that can help you cultivate good habits:



1. Cultivate Healthy Eating Habits

Healthy eating is not just about making healthy food choices but also eating on time and regularly. A healthy eating habit not only keep you fit physically but also keeps your mind relaxed and fresh. Some habits you can develop to lead a healthy life are:

- Eating your breakfast every day

- Eating meals with your family rather than eating alone

- Ensuring you don’t gobble up your food

- Making sure your meal contains enough vegetables and is rich in nutrients

- Drinking plenty of water


2. Incorporate Physical Activity 

When you are consistently active, it leads to over-all development and improvement. Following a healthy lifestyle from a young age will ensure the benefits are carried forwardleading to a much fit and happy life. Physical action also helps you cope with stress.Go out for a walk every morning, play some outdoor games or sports, take your dog out for a walk, and stay fresh and active every day. Avoid sitting in front of the television or playing video games for hours. 


3. Find Your Passion

While physical wellbeing is essential so is emotional well-being. Try and discover your pastimes and interests whether it is drawing, composing or writing stories. Accomplishing something you adore will enable you to deal with pressure better and also gives you an uplifting point of view. Be sure to try out different things and follow your dreams.


4. Inculcate Good Sleep Routine

Following a good sleep routine will help you stay fit and fresh. Follow a bedtime that helps you relax. Having a warm bath and reading a book before you go to bed is a good habit to develop. Also, eating light in the night will keep your stomach light too. Listen to pleasant music to calm your mind and lets you sleep well.


5.  Practice Meditation and Yoga

Practicing meditation and yoga exercises every morning will help you stay active and lead a healthy lifestyle. Yoga and meditation increase the psychological as well as the physical health of teens and help them handle stress better than usual. 


6. Stay Away From Smoke and Alcohol

Adolescence can sometimes make you want to try alcohol and smoking. However, drinking alcohol and smoking can affect your health adversely. It increases the risk of gastrointestinal ailments, lung disease and other health problems. So stay away from alcohol and smoking. 


7. Avoid Spending Time Online

Several studies show spending hours online make you vulnerable to internet addiction. It may cause impaired cognitive functions in adolescence and affect you adversely. So, ensure youdo not spend long hours online.


Adolescents should make the time count and work in their favour. Investing in healthy habits helps them enjoy a rich livelihood for the rest of their lives. 

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