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Helpful Tips while appearing for the exams

Students' Corner   |  10-Feb-2016

By IC Desk @ Deeksha

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  • Understand the time table well and plan accordingly.
  • Make a check list for the examination which ranges from pencil to the main hall ticket.
  • Ensure that you verify the requirements against the checklist for every exam.

  • Eat right and always stay hydrated.
  • Speaking with parents and siblings can be pretty soothing.
  • Stay away from arguments to keep your mind peaceful.
  • Talk to teachers and seek their blessings.
  • Listening to music or relaxing for small intervals between studies helps in focusing better on the subsequent sessions.
  • Avoid discussing how much your friends have studied and how they are faring because you can never know any of this accurately. It would be best for us to only focus on our preparation at this point.
  • Let us be cheerful! Even during exams :) Every instance will add to strengthening our
    confidence and improve our performance.
Useful exam tips


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Vishal Kulkarni11-Feb-2016
Vaishnavi BS11-Feb-2016
Thank you so much! It's really helpful. Getting such helpful tips takes us long way in getting confidence during exams! Thank you again
sahana hu 11-Feb-2016
It's very useful n energetic message from Deeksha Thank you for your great care about us ..... I m proud to be deekshaite
Rahul R M11-Feb-2016
Helpful for the exam

Tips are good. Thank you for tips.

Thanks for the information we will follow sir
Harikesh P12-Feb-2016
Useful tips.
harshith guptha s13-Feb-2016
Good useful information
Quite awesome and helpful... Tnqs a lot
Lohith. D R27-Feb-2016
Thanks for the useful Tips
sidhanth m s14-Oct-2016
thanks for the useful tips sir.
Thank u sir for ur awesome tips and ur care to us. I am sure we are going to ace this test with ur support and encouragement.

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