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Choosing the right PU College

PUC   |  14-Mar-2016

By Aurelius

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Peter Drucker a great management thinker said that ‘Managing Oneself’ is the key to leading a full life. “Place yourself where you can make the most contribution and where your strengths can produce performance & results”.

For this you need to be at a place where you can have the exposure to various things and the right guidance to get to know yourself and the world around you.

Here’s what a PU College should offer and how Deeksha caters to these needs:

1. Provide a strong foundation: Structured learning is the key to developing skills; skills that will help you do the things that you dream of doing. Our courses are structured to give the strong foundation that helps students pursue anything they wish to.

2. Sustained learning: Deeksha’s methodology focuses on providing comprehensive coaching for both PU and competitive exams so that all areas are covered. This provides students with the time to work things out by themselves at home and also focus on pursuing other interests. Combining this with technology tools and ‘dLIFE’ our life skills program, our students are empowered to take things forward and face challenges on their own.

3. Extracurricular activities: Going beyond academics is an indispensable part for anyone looking for all-round development and we realise that. Our students are exposed to a myriad of extracurricular activities like iCUBE our science fest, literary fests, sports fests and so on.

4. Mentoring: Every student deserves a mentor because the guidance from a mentor is something that can take a person to reaching their potential. ‘dCARE’ our mentoring program gives every student individual attention and provides them with a mentor who understands them and guides them using a non-judgemental approach.

5. Support peer learning: Peer learning broadens a person’s horizons as everyone has something different to offer. At Deeksha you would find like-minded students who together with you embark on a journey to learn and excel.


How to choose a good PU College


6. Job oriented skills: Deeksha's Commerce Course comes with a focus 360 program that prepares you for your career by imparting job oriented skills.

7. Results: It's always a good idea to only trust claims that are backed by results. At Deeksha we say that we take ownership of every student's academic excellence and our results back this completely. 


Pick a college that prepares you to face life! Your time at PU is the time to develop skills, learn & become passionate about what you do. Get a brilliant head start and you’ll be able to achieve something big in your professional life.

Our Alumni often come back and let us know about how our methodology has helped them and how it has given them an upper hand in various aspects. Everything we do has been intensely planned and undergoes improvement consistently. That’s how we enable the academic aspirations of all our students. So come join the revolution, Be a Deekshaite!


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