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Count your Blessings

Students' Corner   |  10-May-2017

By IC Desk

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Results: A small word with huge emotions attached to it - expectation, nervousness, anticipation and a fear of the future. Waiting? It’s the hardest?

You and thousands of other children will be experiencing similar feelings and anticipation. Be kind to yourself, it’s difficult to not think about what your results turn out and how it would affect your future.  But thinking and stressing are going to be of no help apart from making you feel bad. So, lace up your shoes and go for a jog! Experts say that keeping your mind occupied and not thinking about results is the best way for you to avoid any anxiety or peer pressure.

You have the best years of your life ahead of you and your attitude can potentially turn everything, including a challenge, into an opportunity. You can fall and be wounded or you can fall and be wise. As a child if you fell off the swing, you would brush the sand off and wait to jump back on the swing. Life is just the same - we all hope and pray that there are no falls: minor or major. But if it does happen, then it’s just your attitude and survival instinct that make you a star! Every up and every down in life has a takeaway - you learn, you grow and you become a better version of yourself.

how to face exam results


If you still are anxious about your results, make sure to be in your comfort zone, either with family or friends. These are friends you have and make for a lifetime. You will not get to spend time once you choose different colleges and courses. This is the best time to talk about your feelings, about results and about your plans for courses and colleges. The options today are many and you have a brilliant chance to pursue what you want, unlike the previous generation that had fewer options.

Sleep, dream, and prepare to celebrate: we mean your life! All the best in whatever endeavour you choose to pursue. Carry the flame, and spread your glow!

Count your blessings! Que Sera Sera - whatever will be, will be!

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