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How to Stay Focused?

Deeksha   |  12-Jan-2019

By Deeksha

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Achieving goals is a tough task. It demands constant motivation. In a transpiring world, with numerous distractions than ever before — from non-stop web push notifications to constant texting — it can be harder to stay focussed and not give your best at that moment. Most often people struggle tostay focused, whether it's related to education, career, health or getting better at a hobby. However, at the end of the day, you wouldn’t want to be consumed with regret because you didn't follow through on something you really wanted,and you wouldn’t want to feel like you failed in achieving things that are important. If you are looking for ways to stay focused and achieve your goals, here are few tips:

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  1. Discover your True Motivation

Behind every goal lies a deep reason that is motivating you towards achievement or change. Whether your goal is getting into an IIT or scoring good grades in board exams, knowing the deeper reason is pivotal to achieving desired result. These deep reasons for change may often get hampered amidst the noise of exam preparations, college and other reasons. Sometimes, even while yousteadily maintain new habits, you will still face many challenges. Hence it is advised to create a vision board that includes words and pictures that tell your goals and feelings. Put down specific and detailed reasons for every goal and place it where you can clearly see it. Use these visual sources of empowerment and share with family, friends like-wise to stay constantly motivated.

  1. Use Technology for Accountability

Success is measured through regular accountability, qualified progress and recognition of smaller as well as larger milestones. Your year-long goals should be broken down into measurable pieces.Hold yourself accountable and celebrate achievements. There are many apps to track progress towards professional and personal goals with real-time data. Use the info to study your progress and highlight any areas that need attention. After that, make your journey more meaningful by celebrating growth in all the dimensions. Balance it with discipline, professionalism, self-love and gratitude that creates a motivational setting for growth.

  1. Train your Focus Like a Muscle

Concentration is like a muscle, the more you exercise, the more you go to the gym, the better developed your muscles are. That's the same thing with your focus. If you are always distracted and are often used to multitasking, focusing for 40 minutes will weigh hard. In the beginning, start with 5 minutes of heeding attention to only one task. Eventually, increase it to 10, 15 and 20. Once you are comfortable with the previous focus time, increase it to 40 to 50 minutes. Train your focus in this manner. If your focus time has improved from 5 to 40, you have trained well and built your way up.

  1. Finish Important Tasks Early in the Morning

Like everything else, likeenergy and vibes, your focus is at its peak in the morning. Put all the focus you have in the morning todrive your most important tasks for the day. This approach to prioritise task list, with primary focus on the most important task, can work for you too. It is the only way you can make significant and rapid progress towards your goals. Putting the least important tasks further down will make a tremendous difference in your business growth, engagement with clients and revenue.

“Always remember your focus determines your reality.”

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