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JEE, coaching, entrance exams

JEE Main   |  19-Nov-2014

By Deeksha

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When should you Start Preparing for JEE?

Students seeking admission into ace engineering institutions of the country that include IIT, NIT, IIIT and other premium colleges begin coaching for JEE as early as possible. Each year the number of students moving out from school is a growing number.

The number of available seats in the most sought after engineering institutions in the country is also increasing year after year. However, a discrepancy continues to exist between the two numbers where demand for seats is high and availability is relatively low. Students are preparing very hard for the JEE examinations that serve as their entry point to the best-in-class colleges of India.

Students that are aspiring to go beyond the usual and aim to secure the best ranking in the entrance examination must prepare in advance. A 2 year program in JEE coaching is recommended in order to obtain flying colors in the entrance exams. JEE is becoming increasingly competitive and therefore, it is imperative that students build strength in their basics as early as possible. JEE coaching does not just enable students gain thorough understanding of the subjects and solve problems efficiently but also develops their analytical and reasoning skills.

Why a 2 year JEE coaching program is recommended

  • Preparing for JEE entrance 2 years in advance helps students gain more time in adapting to varying levels of complexity of questions. They have more time to understand the basics and solve tougher problems efficiently.
  • Time is utilized optimally and hence last minute rushes and stress can be avoided.
  • The more serious aspirants of these entrance exams join the earliest batches and hence will facilitate students to prepare through quality competition.
  • A longer time frame means extra time for academics and other curricular activities plus helps students study with a relaxed mindset.
  • Time for revisions and elimination of doubts will always be better for early starters.

Why Deeksha Network at Ace Learning

Deeksha Network’s JEE coaching program is a bottom-up approach. The course structure is designed in a way that students are first introduced to concepts before actual problem solving. The concepts are backed by real life examples to show direct connect and thereafter pertinent numerical problems are assigned to every concept to make understanding holistic and in-depth. This way Ace Learning ensures that students can answer even the most unexpected questions in their entrance exams without any trouble.

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