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Cracking JEE Main using Smartphones. Is it Possible?

dPAL   |  22-Aug-2016

By Sunila Menon

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With over 1 billion users all over the world and nearly 2.5 million apps- and counting- available across the digital marketplace, smartphones are affecting our day-to-day life in certain surprising ways. 

Being much lightweight when compared to a roll of quarters and consuming less space than a paperback book, the role of smartphones in online preparation for exams like JEE Main, KCET, CBSE 11, 12 and PU2 has been dramatic as it is an easy and far-reaching medium.

Smartphones are becoming popular among people for the various applications. Individuals find it quite simple to communicate with people and access various things with features a smartphone has. They can also complete things within a short span of time in an efficient manner. Smartphones offer:

  • Improved means of communication
  • Helps prepare for exams online
  • Exposure to the latest things
  • Ways to develop personality
  • Ways to access applications


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With technology advancing constantly, it might be only a matter of time till cell phones are replaced totally by smartphones. Considering possession of a smartphone is having the resources and knowledge at your fingertips. This brings the idea of using smartphones for learning. No idea what does a specific word mean? Use the dictionary in your phone. Want background information on a topic? Log on to Wikipedia. Want to prepare for JEE Main online sitting at the comfort of your home, download dPAL, an android app for board and competitive exams.

 Don’t like the idea of using smartphones? Reconsider. Some may consider smartphones as a distraction. However, the fact that is that various app developers are coming up with thousands of education-centred apps like dPAL available in Google Playstore.  

Smartphone as a study tool

As discussed above, there are millions of apps available in the smartphone market that can be used for educational purpose. One such type of educational app which is gaining much popularity among students is JEE Main program in dPAL. The program consists of:

  • Over-view video highlighting important concepts and past trends
  • Chapter broken down concept-wise
  • Concept-wise synopsis, video and examples
  • Practice Questions segregated by difficulty level
  • Previous Year Questions asked from the chapter
  • 2-sets of Short Tests for each chapter
  • 2-sets of JEE Main Style tests for each chapter

Students who want to prepare for JEE Main from their home have to just download dPAL from Google Playstore and start their preparation. So, hurry up!

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