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Make hay while the sun shines

Stay Connected   |  08-Jan-2016

By IC Desk @ Deeksha

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Dear Parent,

Greetings from Deeksha!

Ensuring the all-round development of Deekshaites is something that’s given a lot of importance at Deeksha. Considering parents play an important role in this, we would like to stay in touch with you over the next few weeks. The messages would be inspirational and motivational messages that would help us in working together with our child during this crucial period. Here’s the first message:

Make hay while the sun shines

Although it’s the kids that are actually taking exams and studying, this time period seems nothing short of an exam for the parents too.

Considering the stakes are apparently high at this juncture it could also be a source of stress for us. If we actually think about it, all of us have gone through this phase in life which makes it easier for us to understand what this is all about. The potential this time holds is immense and not just in terms of scoring high and making a career. It is another reason to bond with our kids, set priorities straight and nurture them to be truly capable of becoming independent and successful people.

All this being said exam time could be the most enjoyable time. Yes you haven’t read that wrong! It is a thrilling experience and it can be so for the kids too. This does not discount the fact that it is an important phase but nobody said that just because it is important it has to be gruesome.

Considering the time is nearing, the adrenaline rush would seem a lot higher among the kids and this comes along with things that may make us lose our temper. But all this is part of the game and the reason why things could get exciting.

As parents we look for nothing but the best for our kids but often the things we do in this accord turn out to be counterproductive. Nothing to worry about. Scrutinizing every single action of our’s may be the last thing we need at this point.

One of the simple things that we could focus on is our approach. Providing a nurturing environment and letting them shine in their own way. A nurturing environment would not just help the kids but also help us get rid of the heaviness inside us that is created by our expectations of things going only in a particular direction without any alterations.

Things could have worked for us in the past and our experience surely has given us wisdom. But expecting them to follow exactly what we think works and following a conventional route may be the biggest source of stress and disturbance in itself. Having arguments about anything is not what we looking for at this moment.

Being non-judgemental and allowing them to flower in their own unique way makes things a lot simpler and creates room for both parties to understand each other. So much so that they would start looking towards receiving our feedback voluntarily and when that happens there is nothing like it.

All this may seem unreal but is completely in our hands. Being supportive and open-minded is all it takes to get here :)

If you have any queries or wish to share any thoughts/feedback, you may reach us at cnr.connect@ace-online.co.in

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