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Message to Deekshaites

Students' Corner   |  21-Feb-2015

By IC Desk @ Deeksha

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Dear Deekshaite,

It’s that time of the year – scrambling for the books, clarifying doubts from the teachers, connecting with friends to learn more and almost letting go of all entertainment in an attempt to reach the top!

Jim Carrey wrote out a $10 million check to himself “for acting services rendered” way before he became a well-known movie star. He dated the check 5 years in advance and when 5 years had passed, he had surpassed that amount of earnings by $10 million per movie. Setting the goal and the willingness to put in adequate (hmmm, that little extra too!!!) efforts to achieve the goal is the way to go!

Having said that, maturity is all about preparing to face any outcome, with the understanding that the only thing in our control is the right amount of effort at the right time! Life presents its own opportunities to each of us – in its own course. There is a billionaire out there who has not completed secondary education. Thus, all that is required of us is to stick it out. And sure enough, we will find our way – though it might be very different from what we set out for! If you can take a break, don’t miss out watching this 14 minute video of Steve Jobs at Stanford…

All the very best in your preparation – we will continue to be in touch with you. And should you feel low, do connect with us – we will try to bring that smile back on your face:

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