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Done is better than perfect

Students' Corner   |  27-Oct-2015

By IC Desk @ Deeksha

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When there’s a task assigned, thinking about the task is something we might do first. Thinking about the task in general or thinking about how to do the task or even about what the end result of the task may be.


One thought may lead to another and there’s a lot of time spent on just thinking. Some people may call this overthinking but whatever we may call it; this might not be something in our best interest at that moment.

The time we spent doing this might not just be time lost but also may leave us with negative thoughts and bitter feelings.

One thing that’s clear is that we all want to do well when a task is assigned and that can only happen once we begin doing the task. Thinking might be necessary in terms of planning but anything beyond that might creep into the territory of overthinking.

Finding solutions

The feeling that comes out of doing things and finishing tasks way before the deadline and without being stressed by the deadline is amazing and this will be a consistent source of self-motivation.

Approaching tasks by removing the clutter of unnecessary thoughts is a lot more simple than expected:

Tips on task completion

We could jump directly into doing the tasks. If we can do the task at that instant we don’t think twice and just go for it. If it’s not something we can do at that instant we put it on our calendar or an app that reminds us at the right time when it has to be done.

If it’s not something we can do anything about we just throw those thoughts away and stop bothering about it, it’s anyway not something that we can control.

One tip that’s generally very helpful is for us to check at any point if the thoughts we are having are ‘practical thoughts’ or ‘useless thoughts’. A practical thought always has something to do with helping us perform the task and a useless thought is something that’s irrelevant at that particular instant and is also a cause for us to regress. Nipping a useless thought in the bud would be the best approach in this scenario.

A few simple directions to de-clutter our head and have a good time doing things in time.

“The pain of not doing is actually worse than the pain of doing the task” – Steven Pressfield

Be happy

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