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Choose the right course before selecting a college

dSAT   |  13-Oct-2016

By Sunila Menon

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The moment one clears the class X board exams, the world offers numerous perspectives, ideas of limitless possibilities, limitless choices, and a massive dilemma, served on a silver platter. The dilemma most of the students face is what to do after class X? Which college to apply for? What course to choose? For some, it’s confusion between selecting the best of both the options, to choose the right college or right course. 

Finding the right college plays a significant role for a successful career. However, this alone can’t result in a successful career. Interest and passion are the most important factors that should be considered for a successful career. When one gives more importance to the selection of college over the right course, there are chances that he or she will end up choosing a career in which he or she is not interested.

Though still the career decisions are taken in a conventional way, and everyone is just concerned about the future perks of pursuing a particular course in reputed colleges, what one should do is start looking beyond the college life and think about the future. In the real world, what matters the most is the learning you do and what benefits you can achieve with that.

Why you should focus on course selection

Selecting a right course is all about following one’s passion. No matter what you want to be in your life, definitely there will be a course that will help you achieve your dreams. Choosing such a course will not only make sure that you find what you are interested in but will also motivate you to work hard to achieve impressive results. On the contrary, studying a course which you find boring can weaken your performance.



What’s the right way to choose the right course?

Writing dSAT (Deeksha Scholastic Aptitude Test) is the best way to find the right course after class X. The aptitude test is conducted on Sundays and pre-decided holidays at Deeksha campuses in various locations. Along with identifying the right course, the aptitude test helps recognize the right competitive exams for students. Moreover, students also get a chance to write the Harrison Assessment Test worth Rs. 2000/ free after the aptitude test.

If you are among those who are confused regarding the right course after X and also want to get an idea which profession suits you the best, then dSAT is the right platform for you. Don’t lose this opportunity. Start registering now. Book and reserve your dSAT seat online and make a move towards a successful career. 

Hi, My daughter wants to take DSAT. What is the dSAT exam pattern? What sort of preparation he has to do?
Team Deeksha14-Oct-2016
Hello Ramajeyam, It's nice to hear that your daughter is interested in taking up dSAT. First, she should book her dSAT slot online by visiting the page, https://www.deekshalearning.com/dsat-online-booking. The aptitude test includes a 90 minute lecture on a select topic of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. The test is followed by an open test. Students also get the chance to write Harrison career test after dSAT. Scores of both the tests are analysed together and an apt career option is recognized. dSAT does not need any prior preparation. Students are tested based on a 1 hour lecture held prior to the test. Hope this information was helpful for you. All the best to your daughter :)

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