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Are you selecting the right engineering branch?

dSAT   |  27-Oct-2016

By Sunila Menon

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Are you among the hundreds of class X students who have a dream to crack engineering entrance exams in the future? Still not sure which branch of engineering is of your interest? If so, then you should know that there is a very thin line between making the right and wrong decision. Think carefully, your decision would be responsible for how you shape your own career.  

After 10th grade, students spend most of their time and energy on searching the top institutes offering coaching for JEE Main, CET, NEET or any other competitive exams to score outstanding marks. They underestimate the fact that they should focus more on what education stream suits them best rather than which coaching centre will help them get top grades.

It’s noted that most of the students choose fields that are popular or the ones which have the maximum scope. This is an awful mistake that one commits. You should understand what your passion is and believe in your gut feeling rather than simply following the trend. One should never choose a particular brand of engineering just because their friend has chosen it. Understand the fact the each of us is unique.



There are several successful businesses and highly-paid jobs in different fields, including chemical, civil, mechanical engineering. Believe us, no matter how impressive your college is, if you do not excel, you will never be successful.

After reading this, if you feel you should rethink about the course you have decided to pursue in future, then one of the best ways to get the right answer is writing dSAT (Deeksha Scholastic Aptitude Test). It is an aptitude test conducted on the basis of one hour lecture given to students on a topic of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. The only thing you need to do is register for dSAT and reserve a seat for you. Students who register for this aptitude test can also write the Harrison Career test and find their professional skills. This will help them in finding the right profession in future.

So, before you start preparing for engineering and hunt for best colleges, spend adequate time in finding what you want to study. No matter whether that stream sounds cool or in demand, you should choose something that is viable and practical. 

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