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Steps to get good grades in exams

dSAT   |  28-Oct-2016

By Sunila Menon

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Everyone is not the same and so it’s evident that not all study in the same way but what’s important is studying in the way that offers maximum benefits for you. It is hard to adapt to an altogether new environment and score high grades and keep up with various projects and assignments while there is already a high level of expectation from you. 

To meet these expectations the most important thing required is a solid foundation to begin.

  • Build a strong mental attitude: Generally, our reaction towards low grades is very negative. We tend to accept the failures and cry over it.  The thing that should be kept in mind is failures are the stepping stone to success. Always remember that one cannot achieve anything without facing the trouble. Have a positive attitude and also a desire to attain the goal.
  •  Find out your weakness: Before taking an action, you must find out what are your weaknesses are so that you can figure out which are the areas that need improvement, like for example if you want to crack NEET, first you need to find out whether you have the capability to do so or not.

There are many ways to identify one’s ability in cracking competitive exams. One of them is by writing an aptitude test. dSAT (Deeksha Scholastic Aptitude Test) helps class X students who want to prepare for various competitive exams identify their skills. The test includes a one hour lecture on a topic of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. The lecture is followed by an open book test. The scores of the test help in identifying the skills in you. If there is one particular subject in which you got low scores, start focusing more on that particular subject. Start registering for dSAT now to find in which subject you require more attention.




  • Start systematizing your life: Discipline and structure are the things upon which you career are developed and it is important that we systematize the way we live so that we can focus and work efficiently. Managing time and prioritising is significant; you need to give extra time to those subjects or lessons in which you are weak.
  • Lead a healthy lifestyle: Of course, your health is very important in the process of getting better scores in the exam. Most of the students do not pay much attention to the things they eat or the amount of sleep they require. Try to work out every day for an hour or two.

Hope these tips will help you get good grades. 

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