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Strategies to Succeed in College

After 10th   |  31-May-2016

By Sunila Menon

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Whether you have decided to go to college straight after completing your high school, or you are joining college after spending time in the workforce, probabilities are you have given some thought into what you want to study. But, have you ever thought how will you study the subject you have chosen?

College life is altogether a different experience when compared to high school or workplace. Here, you are solely responsible for your own learning as well as your time outside the class. The stress of balancing everything might determine your success in the class, but there are few strategies you can follow to keep things move smoothly.


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  • Be an active participant in your education: Asking questions when you have doubt, speaking up in classroom will support your learning. Learning note taking strategies will make sure you have useful notes to study. Build a good relationship with your mentor so that you can be comfortable while going to them to clear any doubts.
  • Eating right: Most of the students believe that staying healthy is something that can be postponed until college is over, but it is the right time to take care of your body. Eating balanced diet and regular workout improves mental health and enhances the ability to focus.
  • Learn how to manage time: This will help you maintain a balance between school and personal life. There are students who after spending hours in college have to go to coaching institutions. Ultimately they are not left with free time for their personal stuff. In such cases, integrated coaching proves beneficial. Deeksha is an institution where students can study PU syllabus along with coaching for competitive exams like IIT, CET, AIEEE and NEET. Hurry! Admissions open. Limited seats available.
  • Know when and where to get help: There is nothing to get embarrassed in asking help with difficult material. Find out what type of resources are available in your college and take benefits of them. By taking responsibility of your education, you are taking a significant step towards a successful career no matter whichever field you choose.

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