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Time management tips for Board Exams

dSAT   |  17-Dec-2016

By Sunila Menon

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As there’s a saying, “Time and tide wait for none”. However, both can be tapped efficiently using the right method. With just three months left for Board exams, most of you may have the thought ‘How to utilize the remaining days wisely.  Here are a few tips on how you can manage time efficiently during your preparation. 

Find out when your brain works best. Is it in the morning, afternoon or during late night? Prepare a timetable accordingly. Don’t start studying at 10:00 pm unless you are a late night person.  During your free time, do tasks that are less demanding like organizing notes, writing your plans for next day.



1. Timetable

 Have a study place and time fixed. This helps you in concentrating more. Before you start studying get everything you will need.

2. Study based on priorities

Make a list of things that need to be done and place it in the order of importance. Make sure the important thing is first on the list.

3. Go for frequent breaks

 Don’t study continuously for more than 50 minutes. Utilize the remaining 10 minutes for a walk, or eat your favurite snack. Taking a 5-minute shower can also help you relax.

4. Escape from getting stuck

 If you are not able to understand anything, skip it, and study later. This time you will understand things easily.

5. Divide and rule

Divide your chapters into small bits and reads those small parts one by one.

6. Have a target for yourself

Setting a target will help you handle both time and task in a much efficient manner. You can reward yourself once you achieve those targets.

7. Assess your performance regularly

One of the major benefits of daily review is to have an idea on what are the tasks that need to be completed and work. If you find that you are spending too much time than needed on a specific task, bring changes in your schedule.

8.  Use a timer to track yourself

 If you are confident that you can read 20 pages in your science book in one hour, spare one hour for that and read the lesson right at that point of time.

9. Plan some free time

You cannot work like a robot! Have some time to relax so that both your body and mind gets refreshed.

10. Give enough rest to your body

While preparing for exams, most of the students forget to take rest. Avoid this. Get enough sleep. Remember, a sleep-deprived student cannot give his or her best performance.

This phase of time is not only important for exam preparation but also to think about the career path you want to choose after class X. Attending aptitude tests like dSAT will give you a clear idea about which stream after class 10 suits your aptitude. What else you want, before you write the board exam, you will be clear what to do after completing 10th Std.

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