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How to Get Things Done Easily by Managing Our Time

Students' Corner   |  27-Sep-2015

By IC Desk @ Deeksha

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‘I didn’t have time’ is probably the most used excuse for not getting work done. But if we try to write down what we actually did in the time we had, we would probably never want to use this excuse again.

Peter Drucker quote

Time management could easily be one of the most important skills that we could develop. At no point as a student or in the due course of our professional life could we say that I could do well without being able to manage time.

It always helps to write things down and have it at one place. Let’s start off by writing the end goal and the total time at hand. Then move on to writing all the tasks necessary to reach our goal. Next we appropriately assign time to each of these tasks without being too ambitious. Now imagine at a certain point we think it’s ok to slack and not stick to this plan of ours. The entire thing would topple. Therefore it’s always important to remember that time management without self-discipline would be a futile exercise.

Time management tips

Over time we could track our progress on a time sheet to notice and point out the areas that are causing us to lose track and also use this sheet to figure out our weak points. Generally these would be the places which when worked on, would make a big overall difference.

Practicing the art of finishing the task in the allotted time will go a long way in helping us do well overall.

The biggest thing to remember here is that procrastination is a lot more painful than what we think about doing the tasks. Sticking to our schedule will surely make us enjoy whatever we are doing and also help us outdo ourselves when we follow effective time management consistently.

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