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Tips to Plan for the Future

Deeksha   |  21-Jan-2019

By Deeksha

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When you are in your teenage, planning can feel like a task that is pointless. Everything, from education to retirement to career, can seem like things happening to other people. But, this is the ideal time to planas the whole world feels like it is at your feet and one should take advantage of it. It is often difficult to nail down a plan when we don't know what we want to do with our lives. Also, goals can change along the way. You should take some time to tweak your plans and make it right. There is nothing called as "right" or "wrong" about what you should do in the future, but once you are determined to plan your future, there are few steps to take towards reaching those goals.



  1. Prepare a List of Things You Want to Accomplish

It may sound funny to make a five-year plan. But it will help you to narrow down your goals for the next few years of your life. Ensure you make note and keep track of all the things you like to do, where you see yourself going and what you would like to learn. People who did this, it really helped narrow down all lofty goals. Set a time of five minutes and set all your goals on paper without worrying about how difficult achieving them will be. After this step, brainstorm the changes you want to implement, or lifestyle changes you will have to do to make your goals a reality. Whatever you are involved in, don't forget the list and refer to it regularly.


  1. Plan your goals

While considering benchmarks and small steps that will help you reach the next phase, you should take out appropriate time to figure out how you will reach there. Here are some of the best tips for planning and setting your goals:

  • Be Specific: Set accurate goals with time, dates and amounts, so that you can measure achievement. This will help you to be on track.
  • Set Priorities: If you have many goals, give each goal a priority. This will help you avoid feeling overwhelmed about the task and direct your attention to the important ones.
  • Set Goals: By calculating your goals on personal performance, you can have control over the achievement of your goals. Know all the steps to complete your goal.


  1. Visualise a Favourable Future

Start your life by listing your goals, dreams and the ideal life you always wanted. Remember, there are many elements such as wealth, health, relations, career and education. It does not matter if you have not found a way to achieve your goal. First, it is all about acknowledging your dreams (realistic or not). For example, if your goal is to crack JEE Advanced, how would you feel if you did not? What are the pressures? What will you spend more time doing? Focus on how you will feel when you achieve your goals. Once you have a clear picture of your goal, add some emotion to it. Imagine the feelings you will experience when you achieve the goal. This creates positive emotional connections in your mind to strengthen and keep you on track.

Sometimes you are deeply entrenched in achieving your goals and it can make you overwhelmed and frustrated. During these times, you should take a step back, take a deep breath and relax. Enjoying what you do will help you to succeed and when you focus on the process, you enjoy the moment and improve at the same time.

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