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Getting more out of 24 hours – Enjoying what we do

Students' Corner   |  11-Oct-2015

By IC Desk @ Deeksha

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If there’s one thing that is common to all people is that we all have 24 hours in day. But what is it that makes someone a lot more productive than the others?


We might attribute it to skill or talent but it goes way beyond that. All of us might have seen someone or the other being told that they have the potential but he/she still doesn’t do well. It is never solely dependent on the skill or someone being more gifted than the other.

Over the last few articles we have seen how habits, just DOING it, effective goal setting and good time management can do wonders for us. One thing that all these things culminate to is productivity.

To increase productivity and enjoy every single thing we do, there is no greater truth than ‘Living in the moment’. Living in in the moment cuts down worries, anxiousness, keeps us focused, energetic and the most important part – it helps us relish every single second of our lives.

Lao Tzu quotes

Life journey


Just imagine doing really well with what we do, put in only as much time as we need to and have a blast every moment. It’s a win everywhere.

While all this might seem idealistic, with consistence, there’s nothing stopping this from happening involuntarily (Habits) and getting us very close to reaping all these benefits.


Few simple steps that can help us achieve this – Effective goal setting is what we could start off with. Can we go anywhere without a goal? Once that is sorted we prioritize keeping our real need in mind. Picking off from this we can take one day at a time by having 2 lists – Master list and To-Do List. The To-Do list can include What, When and how to get the tasks done (Based on our requirement). Set a limit with a ‘countdown’ timer (working backwards).

Planning in the mornings get some people completely motivated while invariably something that helps us ‘tune-in’ will always keep us focused. Review the day’s work to see what we have accomplished, point out things that are slowing us down and note the progress.

It’s a chain reaction. Have a goal to motivate you -> a plan to channelize this energy and guide us -> Get a lot done (being productive) -> Improve (Review) -> Refuelled motivation -> Repeat (Habits).


Enjoy what you do

Finally a good balance of productivity (Quantity) and efficiency (Quality) will get us where everyone wants to be.

Remember: More time is not equal to more work and ‘I didn’t have time’ is a joke :)

Samarth S Bhatt21-Apr-2016
Really motivating and very helpful. Thank you for such a nice article.

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