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Can your kid succeed in competitive exams?

dSAT   |  28-Sep-2016

By Sunila Menon

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Often it is difficult for parents to stand by and watch their kids preparing hard for the exams, whether in high school or college. Exams are the tough time for students-many don’t take care of their health, suffer from high level of stress and anxiety. 

As a parent you begin to wonder, what’s your role here? Where should you step in? While it’s obvious you can’t take the exams on their behalf you can always help them score good marks in the exam with ease.

1. Help Avoid Postponement

Discuss exams and assignments with your kids. Try to find out whether or not they feel confident and have studied properly. There is no need of becoming a micro-manager, but you can always encourage preparedness and readiness. With your assistance, they will become more cautious about the timeline and start preparing accordingly.



2. Help them understand their capability in cracking competitive exams

Your kid might have started preparing for CET, but as a parent, you need to find out whether he is capable in cracking the exam or not. Thinking how a parent can help kids find the right competitive exam for them? Among the various ways to do so, writing dSAT (Deeksha Scholastic Aptitude Test) is one of the best ways.

This scholastic aptitude test conducted at Deeksha campuses on Sundays and pre-decided holidays consists of a 90-minute lecture on a topic of Mathematics, Chemistry or Physics. The lecture is followed by a one hour test on the same topic. Students can also take up Harrison Career Test worth Rs. 2000/- for FREE at the campus after dSAT. The combined scores of both the tests will help your kid find the right career option.

So, don’t lose this opportunity. Registrations have already started. Book dSAT slot online now! And help your child gauge his/her aptitude.

3. Offer them your support before and after the exam

Make your kids believe you are always by their side no matter whatever is the outcome. Let them know that you value their hard work and you are proud of them. Make them understand that it’s okay if they are not among the toppers and their entire future does not depend on a particular exam. Your support will help them reduce stress and anxiety. 

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