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Breaking Bad Habits Effectively



Children today are increasingly inclined to follow bad eating habits and inappropriate sleep routines. These habits affect health and influence one’s well-being. The first step to overcome bad habits, is to develop some understanding of their origin.

Judson Brewer, an addiction expert and psychiatrist, says that we inculcate habits because of reward-based learning. The same thing that trains our mind to crave for “feel good” moments like eating a piece of chocolate. Replacing these kinds of habits take time as every habit that's stuck to the core has gone through a three-step process — trigger, behaviour and reward.

One simple way to tackle a bad habit is by being curious. Brewer says, he tested the impact of mindfulness on smoking, an experiment where participants were asked to smoke and be curious about what was happening in those moments. He found that one woman was out of the habit and mindful smoking felt like stinky cheese and tasted like chemicals.

This is what mindfulness is about. It helps one get a clear picture of their behaviour and what they notice will make all the difference. It doesn’t happen immediately, but one can be inspired to form new habits and see the result of their actions.

Mindfulness activates the brain’s prefrontal cortex that is associated with planning, concentration and decision making. It shrinks the right amygdala associated with negative emotion and fear. The more you practice mindfulness, the more you will find yourself doing it.

If you have a bad habit that you want to break, know about things happening around you and change your behaviour.

Watch the video to know how mindfulness works to break bad habits.


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