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How to Build a Creative Mind!


Whether Scientist, Doctor, Engineer or Writer, no matter which profession you choose to pursue, it is important to be innovative and creative in your field of work. Most people consider creativity as a magical gift that only a few possess. However, just as how creativity can be exhibited in many ways, it can also be sharpened and acquired like any other skill.

In today's world, there is no place for the humdrum or mundane. An open and inventive mind opens numerous opportunities for success. Here are a few ingenious ways to start training your mind to be innovative and creative:

1. Use Both Sides of your Brain

It's not always true that right-brained people are more creative while left-brained people are more analytical. Creativity comes from employing both sides of your brain. One way to build this is by working on daily activities like brushing your teeth or writing your name with your non-dominant hand. This way, the monotony is broken, and the mind is prepared to work towards establishing new practices.

2. Have a Thirst for Knowledge

Thirst for knowledge will fuel your creativity, as a thoughtful and intelligent mind needs constant flow of information. If you constantly learn, you will feed your mind with ideas and expand your thinking. Always seek to be broad-minded and be open to new approach and concepts.

3. Introspect the Knowledge you Gained

Being creative demands that you understand and explain the information you have gained. Introspecting and explaining reflects that you have internalised and processed the information on a deeper level. When you explain something back to others, you tend to understand your ideas better.

Dr Bruce Lipton dispels the myth that we only use 10% of our brain. Watch the accompanying video to learn more.

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