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How to Get Things Done Easily by Managing Our Time27-Sep-2015

‘I didn’t have time’ is probably the most used excuse for not getting work done. But if we try to write down what we actually did in the time we had, we would probably never want to use this excuse again.


Effective Goal Setting11-Sep-2015

As students, goal setting is nothing new to us. At some point or the other we have set goals either regarding academics or with some other endeavour of ours. But how often do we get excited about this? Or is this even something that we should get excited about?


Bridging Communication Gaps10-Sep-2015

On our visit to buy a product at a store, would we make a purchase if we were denied information regarding the product? Absolutely not!

As absurd as this may sound, we tend to do something similar in our pursuit of getting things across to people. Communication gap - inability to understand something or someone due to lack of information.


Gauge your Skills with DSAT- Deeksha Scholastic Aptitude Test08-Sep-2015

Like every year, Deeksha is conducting Deeksha Scholastic Aptitude Test (DSAT) for students appearing for class X. There are many students who feel confused when asked which steam they want to choose after completing 10th. Some of them want to appear for competitive exams, but are not sure which competitive exam they should apply for. This scholastic aptitude test is an answer to all these confusions.