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How could you ‘deserve’ a good CET rank?25-Feb-2016

There is a saying by a great American businessman ‘Work hard and deserve what you want because the world is not yet a crazy place where it rewards undeserving people’. Being underprepared for CET and expecting a good rank would be a sure shot way of getting yourself into trouble.


Now Commerce Students will find it easy to ace their PU board exams23-Feb-2016

Often we find that science is considered to be a better choice of stream to pursue and something that will make us more successful. However this would be poor judgement and it is proved by the fact that a lot of successful people come from a commerce background. Joe Kaeser & Jeffrey R Immelt, who are the CEOs of two of the biggest Engineering companies, Read More...

Top 10 tips to score better in your PU 1 exams20-Feb-2016

While we are busy preparing for our exams, the work that we put in can be aggregated into something really effective and complete by taking care of a few key aspects which are mentioned below.


Can you prepare well for CET in one month?18-Feb-2016

With one month left for CET, many of you may be left with the question ‘How do I get more done in less time’? Read More...

Students are now using ‘Deeksha PAL’ to boost their marks17-Feb-2016

Do not believe people when they tell you that you need to work hard and slog to get good grades in your 2nd PU Board Exams. The following text will tell you why.

We all have seen 2 types of students:


Helpful Tips while appearing for the exams10-Feb-2016

  • Understand the time table well and plan accordingly.
  • Make a check list for the examination which ranges from pencil to the main hall ticket.
  • Ensure that you verify the requirements against the checklist for every exam.


An adventure trip04-Feb-2016

We have all heard the saying ‘No Pain, No Gain’, it’s something very elementary but applies to anything we do.

Tough times, hardships & challenges on a face value might seem undesirable and something we would despise. The truth is that these things are life’s way of strengthening us and preparing us for something awesome. Read More...

Going by the cues01-Feb-2016

Going by the cues - If what we are doing is not working, we should do something different.

Although the title could be the guiding principle for anything we do, it surely is a game changer in parenthood. To understand its significance and start working in this direction let’s take a moment and reflect on how we react when our children misbehave. How do we respond when there is a conflict between us and our child? Read More...