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Connect With Life26-Mar-2019

When you love what you have, you have everything you need!

As parents, we take care of multiple chores every day. We get caught up in working, shopping, cooking, running the home and raising our children. We hardly get time to prepare ourselves and our children for the most desirable purpose of life – peace and happiness. Read More...

Connect with the World26-Mar-2019

Prepare children for life!

We can fall ill and go to a doctor for medicine, or we can be proactive and choose a healthier lifestyle. One can follow a proactive path for mental wellness too – by becoming aware of what can potentially unfold along the course of life and being prepared well in advance to handle various situations/ scenarios. Read More...

Connect With Reality26-Mar-2019

Is it possible to see Reality casting aside our beliefs?

Each of us is brought up in a unique way. We all go through various experiences along the course of life. What we read, what others do and the way the society is – they all cast an influence on us. Over time, these tend to create a certain belief system in us. Some of these may give us happiness but some could make life more difficult. Read More...

Connect With your Child26-Mar-2019

Parent holds the key to a child's future!
As parents, we want the best for our children. In our anxiety to ensure that they are best placed in the future, we often thrust our decisions onto them, whether they agree with them or not. What children do today will determine the future. But is it character building that stays with the child or academics/ skills? Read More...

Connect With Gratitude26-Mar-2019

Gratitude is an antidote to misery, to sadness, to suffering.
When we are deeply immersed in the feeling of gratitude, would an unhappy or stressful feeling have any place? Impossible. Because, once gratitude is filled in our hearts, there is no space for negativity or sadness. Only positivity shines, and we see more positivity around us. Read More...

Connect Within26-Mar-2019

Stay Connected… where does connect start? It is within!
Deeksha believes in the power of inner strength and believes that change always begins from oneself. To foster this, a prayer that most may know already, one that is universal, has been adopted as the Deeksha Prayer. Every morning, the prayer is recited with intention and intensity by everyone at Deeksha. 


Connect Through dCARE26-Mar-2019

Deeksha Mission:

an effective
and caring academic environment
that nurtures original thinking and
creates young,
confident individuals
with a sense of responsibility towards society