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Deeksha is every IIT aspirant’s haven: 10 reasons why29-Dec-2014

An expanding network of Deeksha centres to ensure students don’t have to waste time in commute every day. Quality of teaching is uniformly maintained across all Deeksha centres.


Tips to improve concentration29-Dec-2014

Is your mind taking a roller-coaster ride and you don’t know where you are at this point? Yes, it will, the human mind is bound to succumb to its natural urges for exploration. The tendency of thoughts jumping from one place to another will often resist your attempts at making it “behave” in one corner.


How can parents help crack exams25-Dec-2014

Given how stressful preparation for competitive exams can be for students, a little support from you, as parents, can help boost their energy and morale to a great extent. Here’s what you can do while your child is busy juggling board exams notes and competitive exam mock tests.


Do we need coaching for IIT?17-Dec-2014

JEE Advanced, previously known as IIT JEE, is the qualifying examination for admissions to IITs. It is one of the most competitive and toughest examinations in the country. Students from across the country commence preparation roughly about two years before they plan to take up the examination. More than 5 lakh students attempt the exam competing for a spot in about 10000 IIT seats every year.


Staying ahead of the game in IIT17-Dec-2014

Of the 14 lakh engineering aspirants who will take up the JEE Main this year, only 2 lakh will qualify for JEE Advanced. If you will be one of the students who are shortlisted to take up JEE Advanced in June, you are left with a good three weeks to prepare for the exam. It is indeed a matter of great pride to be one of the top 2,00,000 engineering aspirants in the country, but if you have your eyes set on the prestigious IITs, you must be among the top 5000. Here are some tips on how to get there.


How to stay away from distractions and prepare for JEE-Advanced exam?17-Dec-2014

With students getting more than a month’s preparation time for JEE Advanced after JEE Main, it is crucial that you stay away from distraction in the last lap of your journey.

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