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Life Becomes Beautiful when Problems are kept at Bay22-Jun-2015

A Professor began his class by holding up a glass with some water in it. He held it up for all to see & asked the students, “How much do you think this glass weighs?”?

The students answered, ’50 grams’….. ’100 grams!’ …..’125 grams’….  and so on.


Tricks to Get Right Answers for MCQ’s in IIT JEE Exam18-Jun-2015

JEE is regarded as the toughest entrance examination in India. How many of you are aware of the techniques using which you can choose the correct answers for MSQ’s in JEE Advanced and JEE Main?


Connect with our child06-Jun-2015

Children need a minimum of eight touches during a day to connect with their parents. During challenging times, it should be increased to 12 a day. It can be anything like a pat on the shoulder or a simple hug.


Let Your Child Fly05-Jun-2015

An avid gardener saw a small butterfly laying few eggs in one of the pots in his garden. Since that day he looked at the egg with ever growing curiosity and eagerness. The egg started to move and shake a little. He was excited to see a new life coming up right in front of his eyes. He spent hours watching the egg now. The egg started to expand and develop cracks. A tiny head and antennae started to come out ever so slowly.


Deekshaites among Top 10 CET Toppers 201502-Jun-2015

Candidates seeking admissions into Engineering, Medical and other under-graduate courses through CET were happy on 1 June, 2015 with the result declaration.