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Just ‘DO’ It!!26-Aug-2015

Have there been times when we have said 'Not today but I will surely start from tomorrow' or 'I guess I'm not fully ready for this yet' or 'Let me wait for the right time!'


Excellence through habits11-Aug-2015

Habits! Perhaps our minds are biased to think about bad habits when we listen to this word. For now, let’s just look at it from a neutral perspective and understand what this is all about. One way psychologists would describe this is ‘Habits are learned actions that are triggered automatically when we encounter the situation in which we’ve repeatedly done those actions’.


Perspective Taking10-Aug-2015

Perspective taking is a skill that helps us become more adept at recognizing what it is like to walk in someone else's shoes, to understand what others think and feel. It includes empathy but goes far beyond it.