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Deeksha PAL Launched- A Mobile App Helping Students Score Better in PU Exam29-Jan-2016

Technology brings new aspects for students. Deeksha, a reliable name in the arena of PU and competitive exam coaching in Bangalore launched Deeksha PAL, an android app that assists science students prepare for second year pre-university (PU) exam starting in March at Ocean Pearl on January 21. The launch of this app symbolizes Read More...

Seven Quick Tips To Reduce Stress During Exams29-Jan-2016

When we are in a rush to do our best while preparing for exams, stress might be one thing that we would have to combat with.  There are several simple and quick techniques that help reduce stress while preparing for exams. Here are seven of them: Read More...

Positive Affirmations22-Jan-2016

Positive Affirmation is a wonderful way of helping someone who is coping with stress. Putting it in other words ‘Positive Affirmation’ would be simply assuring someone about the positive and the nice things about that person and about life in general.

When done regularly it could be the source of a tremendous Read More...

Eating right during exams20-Jan-2016

It is important to keep the engine in the best possible condition before a race and likewise we need our mental faculties to be primed so that we can deliver our best and nothing less!

Further clarifying that ‘Diet’ just means the food we eat and not restricting our food intake which could be counterproductive.


Tete a Tete with Dr. Sridhar19-Jan-2016

An IIT aspirant himself today has turned the tables around by training students to crack the IIT Entrance exam, through innovative approach. The first student to become an IITian from his hometown, Dr. Sridhar G today runs one of the most successful education solutions company, which has been around for over 15 years with over 40000 success stories. In an interaction he shares the journey of his personal and professional life. Read More...

You raise me up14-Jan-2016

Being a parent is being there through the milestones, tantrums and the tears. It is about raising kids who have a head full of knowledge, a hand ready to give, ears open to listening and a heart that dares to follow dreams. Being a parent is never a burden, it is about loving someone wholeheartedly and unconditionally. Parenthood is not a job but a privilege to cherish. 


Make hay while the sun shines08-Jan-2016

Dear Parent,

Greetings from Deeksha!

Ensuring the all-round development of Deekshaites is something that’s given a lot of importance at Deeksha. Considering parents play an important role in this, we would Read More...

The Lunch Break Conundrum06-Jan-2016

Dear Deekshaite,

Greetings from Deeksha! Hope all is good and the exam preparations have kick-started. It is said that ‘A task well begun is a task half done’. We might have noticed this ourselves over time. In accord with this and to keep you motivated to work well through this important yet fun phase of exams we would be staying Read More...

Last DSAT on 10th of January- Don’t Miss This Opportunity04-Jan-2016

Are you among those who have not attended DSAT (Deeksha Scholastic Aptitude Test) till now? If so, then, hurry up. Don’t miss the chance to appear for this aptitude test and gauge your competency in exams like IIT and CET. Students in large numbers belonging to different locations have appeared for this test and made the event a huge success. By writing DSAT, students have got a clear idea on various topics. Some of them include: