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Students Corner

Helpful Tips while appearing for the exams10-Feb-2016

  • Understand the time table well and plan accordingly.
  • Make a check list for the examination which ranges from pencil to the main hall ticket.
  • Ensure that you verify the requirements against the checklist for every exam.


An adventure trip04-Feb-2016

We have all heard the saying ‘No Pain, No Gain’, it’s something very elementary but applies to anything we do.

Tough times, hardships & challenges on a face value might seem undesirable and something we would despise. The truth is that these things are life’s way of strengthening us and preparing us for something awesome. Read More...

Seven Quick Tips To Reduce Stress During Exams29-Jan-2016

When we are in a rush to do our best while preparing for exams, stress might be one thing that we would have to combat with.  There are several simple and quick techniques that help reduce stress while preparing for exams. Here are seven of them: Read More...

Eating right during exams20-Jan-2016

It is important to keep the engine in the best possible condition before a race and likewise we need our mental faculties to be primed so that we can deliver our best and nothing less!

Further clarifying that ‘Diet’ just means the food we eat and not restricting our food intake which could be counterproductive.


The Lunch Break Conundrum06-Jan-2016

Dear Deekshaite,

Greetings from Deeksha! Hope all is good and the exam preparations have kick-started. It is said that ‘A task well begun is a task half done’. We might have noticed this ourselves over time. In accord with this and to keep you motivated to work well through this important yet fun phase of exams we would be staying Read More...

Why consistency could be the Game Changer27-Dec-2015

‘Although you have the potential you are not doing well!’ That’s something we’ve heard quite a bit. A close look at that statement can break the myth of potential or talent of a person playing a key role in how things turn out for us. Fortunately talent plays a small role in our success at anything.


Success Story Bias11-Dec-2015

We often get to hear about how the most successful people we know of had really tough beginnings. And one thing that we can notice is that only the surreal success is what is focussed on



Done is better than perfect27-Oct-2015

When there’s a task assigned, thinking about the task is something we might do first. Thinking about the task in general or thinking about how to do the task or even about what the end result of the task may be.


Getting more out of 24 hours – Enjoying what we do11-Oct-2015

If there’s one thing that is common to all people is that we all have 24 hours in day. But what is it that makes someone a lot more productive than the others?


We might attribute it to skill or talent but it goes way beyond that. All of us might have seen someone or the other being told that they have the potential but he/she still doesn’t do well. It is never solely dependent on the skill or someone being more gifted than the other.


How to Get Things Done Easily by Managing Our Time27-Sep-2015

‘I didn’t have time’ is probably the most used excuse for not getting work done. But if we try to write down what we actually did in the time we had, we would probably never want to use this excuse again.