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Students' Corner

Final chance to join DCFL in 201631-Mar-2016

The last DSAT at DCFL will be conducted on 3rd April, 2016. If you wish to join DCFL in 2016, this news should bring you to a decisive moment.Read More...

Ways to develop self-discipline to conquer your competitive exams29-Mar-2016

“To get what only 5% of the population gets, you have to do what only 5% of the population is willing to do” – Robin Sharma.


Developing job oriented skills during the Commerce PU Program24-Mar-2016

A career in management is highly coveted these days. This is inevitable with companies and start-ups booming both in India and globally bringing with it great opportunities and a promising future to those who are pursuing a commerce PU program. With the competition being cut-throat, preparing right from the PU days would be a great idea.


Take up R-DSAT to test your skills23-Mar-2016

Getting into a good college can give you the right guidance and support to prepare yourself for an amazing career. But the choice of stream totally lies in your hands and this decision has to be made even before you pick a college.


Self-study vs. coaching for CET21-Mar-2016

There always seems to be a choice between self-study and coaching for competitive exams, something that rarely happens with PUC. Maybe it’s because we do not need a certification for competitive exam preparation and we feel we could do better without formal coaching. If ever we were given a similar choice for PUC would we choose self-study and if we do choose self-study, would we still get the same results if not better?


Choosing the right PU College14-Mar-2016

Peter Drucker a great management thinker said that ‘Managing Oneself’ is the key to leading a full life. “Place yourself where you can make the most contribution and where your strengths can produce performance & results”.


Benefits of CET Mock Tests11-Mar-2016

Competitive exams have the potential of giving an incredible boost to your career. Although this is a known fact we often tend to neglect this to a point where we are left completely flustered about preparation methods and how to approach these.


How to have a hassle free 2nd PU Exam09-Mar-2016

Small things that make a difference at the final stage – Attending the exam and writing the paper.


Focusing while studying for CET05-Mar-2016

It’s a common problem among students to lose focus while studying. If this article grabbed your attention, here maybe a few things that you experience:


Why students choose a Residential PU Program04-Mar-2016

The thought of staying with your closest friends and going through 2 exciting years of college can be enlivening. Going beyond just fun, this could also be beneficial for your careers. All you have to do is consider this as an equally viable option while choosing colleges for PU.