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Crash Program

Deeksha CET / NEET Crash Program

The two years of PUC is one of the most important stages of a child's academic life. Its also one of the most stressful phases he/she experiences. In this age of competition, every mark in the exams count. More than the PU board exam, the competitive exams tests the aptitude and application level of the child. The entry to the professional course and college of choice is solely dependent on the performance in these competitive exams. The days after the PU board exam and before the start of the competitive exams is very crucial.

Its imperative that the child makes maximum use of the available time. And since the exams contain questions from the I PU syllabus too, it's important the child revises the concepts long forgotten. To help the child in this endeavour Deeksha offers the exhaustive Crash Course for CET and NEET. The classes cover both I PU and II PU topics, hundreds of multiple choice questions for both the class work and the home work, a number of mock tests to gain hands on knowledge about the exams forms the crux of the program. Every year thousands of children are benefitted by the scientifically designed program. Its time your child makes the best use of the same.

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